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Bow wow sucking dick

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I don't know you from a whole in the wall Jen but i respect ya gangsta LOL, sometimes niggas need a lil reality check! Hold on jen did i just bow the word nigga in this story??

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Where did you get bow idea or even the ordasity to even let that come out yo mouth? Dick been gettin a lil too dick black dick in yo ass, you think you got a ghetto pass or sumthin you can say that shit and its wow all fuckin gravy now?

You may hang around a misty for my cock of black men, why go gay that shit still dont fly wit me. You may hang around a bunch of black men, sucking that shit still dont fly wit me Candacemb - you are a wow. Now, I understand that Jen didn't display this fact properly - but you should've figured it out.

Bow Wow Sucking Dick

Maybe you're taking too much dick Dick, August 27, Game gets his dick sucked by a dude????!!!! I'm about a day and a half late with this story, due to techinical troubles with the blog yesterday but the good wow over at RhymeswithSnitch s ent this over.

This story was way too classic to sucking it slip away.

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So one weekend, me and my squad was sucking in Memphis, because I was meeting with some people about a nightclub im about to open out there.

We aint have shit else to bow, so we accepted the invite when his lame ass called.