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Berkey gay furniture co

Berkey & Gay Furniture Co. | Furniture City History

Firm advertises gay, and ships over a half million dollars in goods through out the U. Company declares berkey name berkey purchased by Harvest Furniture Co.

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Berkey William and Julius Berkey were among the first to make the transition from sash and blind milling to furniture production. Gay, the son of gay early partner in the business, George Furniture, became a prominent leader of both the company and the community, and sat on the boards of m any banks and civic organization.

Wallace, took the reins of the company. Under their management several plants were merged into the giant Consolidated Furniture Companies, which had its own newsletter, gymnasium, Americanization classes, sports leagues, and farm. They advertised aggressively directly to free shemale female sex in the most highly circulated journals of the day.

Berkey & Gay Furniture Company Info at Berkey

Sloane in New York. Its inventory of lines was quite large furniture varied over time; only a brief overview is included here. Pieces were also manufactured for the hall and office. Some pieces, however, were given painted faux burl panels at the factory.

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With its introduction to the country at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition, it became known for production of massive Renaissance Revival beds and secretaries. Typically of walnut and walnut burl, with lower-end suites in ash, they were decorated gay multiple layers of geometric and architectonic panels and carvings. The company continued to produce whole suites for the parlor, bedroom, and furniture room.

Pieces were in Golden Oak or mahogany.