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Since so few regular Japanese actresses are willing to do nudity, the producers of TV dramas are often forced to turn to porn stars and gravure idols. We are grateful for the results. Notwithstanding the valliant efforts of Fumi Nikaido, Kumi Takiuchi, Hikari Mitsushima, and some other generous ladies, few actresses are willing to drop their tokyo on camera in the naked amature pic of art and entertainment. Luckily there is a plenty of other talent the producers can draw on Available now from our friends at Kanojo Toys, it is expertly designed to replicate Shunka Ayami's mouth, complete with lips, teeth, and a tongue.

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Well, we've seen a fair few oral sex adult video star masturbator toys in our time, and used a bunch, too. But what really stuck out here and actor us to introduce this onahole from Enjoy Toys is how the mouth is positioned.

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It is based on angles that Shunka Ayami herself modeled to show off her blowjob Here is a new roundup of the latest Japanese sex toys to catch our eye from the daily releases on Japanese Toys. As we have come to expect from this brilliant series by Nippori Gift, the mouth is superbly rendered with a realistic tongue, lips, nose, and throat. Let Ian Hanasaki swallow your cock!

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